Governor Murphy’s Unilateral Actions Spark Concern in New Jersey

New Jersey’s 14th District – Governor Murphy has recently taken steps to implement his plans for the state without involving the Legislature. From imposing restrictions on gas stoves to mandating the sale of electric vehicles, his actions have raised eyebrows. Now, he is using the same tactic to push through an Equality and Equity policy that has faced strong public opposition. Despite receiving thousands of emails and letters expressing outrage, the policy was approved yesterday with a narrow 6-5 vote, without allowing public comments or heeding the calls of over 16 legislators to table the issue.

“The fact that Governor Murphy is once again bypassing the legislature is deeply concerning. Decisions that will significantly impact the residents of New Jersey should be made by our elected officials. It is clear that the governor anticipated pushback on his radical energy policies and interference with local school boards, so he decided to take matters into his own hands,” stated Senate Candidate Patricia Johnson.

“It is crucial that our elected officials listen to the voices of the people they represent. As a candidate for the New Jersey Senate, I am committed to ensuring that the concerns and needs of our constituents are heard and taken into consideration,” Johnson added.

Johnson urges the residents of New Jersey to actively engage in the political process, holding their elected officials accountable for their actions and decisions. She encourages open dialogue and public participation to safeguard the democratic principles upon which our great state was built.

“When will my opponent, Trenton-Insider and career politician Linda Greenstein, finally be held accountable to the people of the 14th District? It’s time for her to answer for her actions and address the concerns of the constituents she claims to represent. The residents of the 14th District deserve transparency, honesty, and a true advocate who will prioritize their needs over political games. It’s time to put an end to the status quo and demand real accountability from our elected officials. The era of backroom deals and empty promises must come to an end. It’s time for change. It’s time for the people to be heard.”